Amsterdam, Eccoci!

La squadra con la più bella rimonta contro quella con il risultato sorpresa di grande peso.

Andata ad Amsterdam 9/10 di aprile. Settimana dopo il ritorno…

Next Up: Ajax

So the team that made the big comeback meets the team with the biggest surprise result……

Back to Madrid…

The Champions League had to run through Madrid. But no one mentioned the word ‘twice’ in that phrase.

Maradonna put CR7 in ‘beast mode’, but the latter gives credit to the team. And, yes, it is a team sport and the first leg showed what a bad team looks like.

Premier League squads are always tough matchups. Barça, who knows? but then Ajax manhandled their opponent. You have to get through your opponents, not around them. See you Friday for the lottery!…

Tornare a Madrid

La Champions League doveva passare per Madrid. Nessuna aveva detto per due volte!

Dopo l’osannata (seconda!) tripletta da parte di Maradona, CR7 fa il PR giusto, dando credito alla squadra. In effetti, tutti devono tirare la carretta; si è visto quanto nell’andata.

Le due inglesi sono naturalmente da temere. Il Barça, chissà… L’Ajax ha fatto l’impresa, quindi non si può mirare un avversario in anticipo. Bisogna passare attraverso tutti potenzialmente. A venerdì per il sorteggio.…

A Dream Within a Dream

The investment pays off! This is the second time CR7 brings back his squad from an 0-2 deficit. Mythical moment, mythical player.

The evening really was looking black or white before the start. Now there’s a kaladeiscope hovering above!

A panorama of celebrations for a game that shall remain a reference point for a very long time.

Yes sir, athletically, this was a true test of character; but the ‘revenge bird flip‘ was unnecessary. Classy winners are harder to beat.

The match movie which was not for the feeble of heart, with cancelled goals, borderline fouls… …